Create contrast in a room by incorporating six vibrant, multicolored designs.

Erica Design Room showcases six multicolored designs, from eccentric swivel chairs to stained-glass-inspired mosaic table tops, that are as versatile as they are visually appealing.

3/23/20242 min read

Designed with maximum comfort in mind, this extraordinary Pirouette Clu Flo swivel chair by Lorenza Bozzoli will pair perfectly with a pouf from the same Collection. Featuring a swivel metal base and a snug tub chair silhouette upholstered in plushy pink fabric, along with a spectacular geometric pattern created by the chromatic effects of its viscose fringe skirt. Color customizations are available upon request to the Concierge.

These stunning mosaic tables boast sophisticated color pallets with unique designs that will last for decades. For over 25 years, founder Neille Olson of KNF-Neille Olson Mosaics has designed magnificent works of art with superior engineering that are suitable for outdoor use.

Our Electrum Dining Table features a swirling constellation of polished brass and polished nickel rods. Comfortably seats six or moonlights as a fab game table for an unused corner of your living room. We offer a range of couture tabletops that complement this base, including white marble for your Park Avenue penthouse and glossy lacquer for your West Village aerie.

Incorporating a captivating blend of moody hues and elegant woodwork, the House of Hackney six-drawer dresser exudes an air of intrigue and beauty, making it a stunning addition to any space.